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Apple, streaming and the state of music 

70-90% of digital sales a artist receives is from iTunes. It’s decision to switch to a streaming service will not only put the final nail in the coffin of record sales, they choose to hold artist hostage with no other option. They have decided a self imposed 3 free month trial where artist and labels will not be even paid for the streams in it’s peak time of discovery.

You have to understand, Independent artist and labels who press vinyl are not doing it to just follow a trend, but for survival. Bandcamp, artist websites and independent record shops are the only true resource to truly support the craft of recorded arts. People like to think that artist can just survive off of playing out, but that is a whole other dilemma of regional promoters, clubs, venues and underground parties being blocked out and monopolized from by corporate backed mega festivals. Music, like other art mediums needs to be respected into our culture to all that it gives.

My personal feeling, streaming services is like looking at a jpeg of a Vincent van Gogh. But beyond the argument of what is best for music delivery, we must look at it as a social responsibility. It helps create our identity and takes us on journeys of new perspectives. Support culture in our society, not marketing on the back of recording artist everywhere to sell more iphones. Apple doesn’t care if profit is made from streaming as long as they can keep selling you the phone.

-Dub Gabriel
Destroy All Concepts


The Spaceape 1970-2014 

We are deeply sadden to hear the news of the passing of Stephen Gordon aka The Spaceape. It was a pleasure to both get to know the man and to collaborate with. His work on the track, Is this Revolution was a lyrical masterpiece. A true poet with the direct lineage of greats like Last Poets, LKJ, Mutabaruka and others, he brought a realness to everything he touched. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

From Hyperdub Records
We are devastated to announce that on Thursday 2nd October, Stephen Samuel Gordon aka The Spaceape, vocalist, poet and live performer, passed away peacefully after a 5 year struggle with a rare form of cancer. He leaves behind his wife Luciana and 6 year old daughter, Cleo. His first release was the 1st release on Hyperdub, 'Sine of the Dub' in 2004 with Kode9, with whom he also released 2 albums, Memories of the Future (2006) and Black Sun (2011). In 2012 he also self-released the Xorcism EP, appeared on the track 'Spaceape' on Burial's debut album in 2006, and also collaborated with The Bug, Martyn, Jerry Dammers, Redshape, Dub Gabriel, the Echologist and more. Last Monday he released his new EP with Kode9, 'Killing Season' including the video 'Devil is a Liar' which was filmed in July 2014.Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, and all who have been touched by his writings and performances. His Hyperdub family will always miss him.




DUB Gabriel New Album Out Now! 

Raggabass Resistance is the groundbreaking 4th album release from critically acclaimed Ragga/Dubstep producer, Dub Gabriel. Three years in the making and spanning multiple continents, he has been on an epic bass-fueled journey that saw him enlist the support of an incredible crew of collaborators - U-Roy, Warrior Queen, The Spaceape (Kode9/Burial), Brother Culture, Jahdan Blakkamoore (Major Lazer/Snoop Lion), Dr. Israel, MC Zulu, Juakali, PJ Higgins (Temple of Sound), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Pedro Erazo (Gogol Bordelo), and Mark Pistel (Hercules & Love Affair) - they all come together in an electro-organic stew of future reggae sounds to create Dub Gabriel's most realized and ambitious album to date.
Dub Gabriel opens a new chapter in dub with ‘Raggabass Resistance’ -Dangerous Minds