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Here is a Live Reports we are getting in from Tehran from our own brother who's name we can not list, but has been involved in such legendary Dub projects as Qaballa Steppers and many other projects like Ebn E Sync & Scarab. We have been working on re-issuing some of these classic albums, but due to the recent events, it has slowed down the process. We are getting live reports on the events going on, He is taking great risk to keep us in the loop, we will broadcast them ass they come. As far as the re-issues go, we will proceed with them asap!

#28- Does anybody still care? 

A New Chapter

Part 1- Wednesday September 23, 2009

It has been a long while since I last put pen to paper or rather
finger to keyboard but the turmoil going on in my brain would not
allow me to do so.
My friend, who co-writes this with me, has been asking me for weeks to
update my page and I have not been able to do so but I believe he has
kept you updated at least.

Where do I start?
Ever since the show trials and the choosing of the president’s
cabinet, there has been nothing but lies, controversy and more lies.
Just when we have grasped and dealt with one issue, another one
appears out of nowhere which perplexes us to the point of utter
confusion in every way, mental, emotional and physical.
Each time I thought I could write again, the illegal president made
another statement to amaze me. Each time I waited for an official to
react and make a statement and each time I was disappointed. Each time
I waited for someone to put an end to this fiasco, I was let down.

It has taken every ounce of energy left in my body to make an effort
and write today. The Holy Month of Ramadan just finished and was
followed by an even bigger fiasco, the announcement of the day the Eid
al Fitr would fall on.

Let me tell you, ever since I decided to spend a couple of years in
Iran and experience the culture, the one thing that always caused
chaos, was this day. It is beyond my comprehension how something that
is based on the movements of the Moon, can create so much chaos every
single year!....

I cannot tell you how many years, when I made an attempt to fast
during this month, I ended up breaking my fast because someone said it
was Eid and then they said it was not!...It may sound trivial to you,
but believe me, to those who have been fasting throughout the month,
it is not trivial…every single day is crucial and when you have
succeeded in fasting for the entire month and suddenly right at the
last minute, someone ruins it by giving the wrong information, I
cannot describe how that person feels.

I think back to my childhood days and I do not remember much about
what happened during Ramadan during the Shah’s time but I remember
that life went on as normal, and shops that sold food had their
windows covered with newspapers…. And I think you were not allowed to
eat out in public but I cannot be sure of that.

However, I do not recall at any time, there being a debate about
whether or not it was Eid al Fitr or not!....

During the reign of the Islamic Republic however, they have never
managed to get it right and this year was no exception. On Saturday
night before leaving the house I was under the impression that Ramadan
had not finished as yet but was told by the cab driver that a
statement was made on State Television announcing that Ayatollah
Khamenei had declared it Eid based on the results given by astronomers
who had seen the new moon’s crescent!....

This continued with everyone believing it was Eid and congratulating
each other when on Sunday morning, we were confronted by statements
from another leading cleric, Ayatollah Sanei that it was not Eid.

I do no recall anyone, openly questioning what the Leader had ever
said in all these years and here we were, with this leading cleric,
openly questioning him…

Here is some factual information regarding the Eid il Fitr from the
Rotten God website written by Fariborz Shamshiri:
“Due to differences of interests among Iranian Shia clerics and
neighboring Sunni clerics (except that majority of population in Iraq
, Bahrain and Azerbaijan are Shia), Pakistan and Afghanistan ; Iranian
Shia clerics usually used to announce one day later than Sunni clerics
as Eid Fitr. Also you need to take into account that there has been a
historical hostility among Arab countries and Iran that in fact played
major role in development of Shia sect and of course different Islamic
ceremonies and traditions.

But this year was a little different. As a result of fraction in
Islamic Republic establishment in aftermath of presidential election
crisis Ayatollah Khamenei’s position as supreme leader is threatened
by reformist clerics and some clerics threatened to remove him from
the position backed by Hashemi Rafsanjani. So in a tit for tat move,
Khamenei indirectly threatened dissident Grand Ayatollahs’ authority
(I would prefer) by declaring Eid Fitr on Sunday September 20, 2009
the very same day that Sunni clerics declared Eid and it celebrated
among majority of Sunni Muslims in neighboring countries and Shia
Muslim followers of Khamenei.

But Iranian dissident ayatollahs didn’t follow and approve Khamenei’s
choice of Eid holiday and they declared the day after as Eid Fitr so
their Shia followers, mostly Iranians celebrated Islamic holiday (Eid
Fitr) one day later on Monday September 21, 2009. It is not really
hard to observe the moon and find out when Ramadan finished but it is
all about clerical politics and differences among them. This last move
proves that fraction is deepening among ayatollahs.

Khamenei who’s “Grand Ayatollah” title has been in question and doubt
by major Shia clerics since 1989 and nowadays he faces widespread
protests, and criticism for threatening protesters over presidential
election dispute and afterwards for killing, torture, rape and show
trials of reformists and protesters, either has to accept defiance and
cut a deal with reformist clerics to rule the country and crush the
rest of people who naturally doesn’t subscribe to ayatollahs,
reformist ayatollahs or any kind of mullahs at all. Or he has to deal
with reformist ayatollahs asap and the crushing noise calm down the
public for a while.”

That was the start of yet another fiasco of events which have been
going on for over three months. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

I thought to myself, whether or not Muslims went through all this
dilemmas during the time of the Prophet. During the time that they had
minimum of modern technology, how did they work out the end of the
month of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid???? Did they go through so
much bullshit? No way. I am sure of it.

And as if we had not had enough entertainment over the last three
months, now we have the pleasant opportunity of seeing our illegal
president making an even bigger ass of himself at the UN General

What I can say is that through my observations of the ordinary folk in
this country, the general public is really pissed off and I wonder if
this could lead to a point of explosion or not since things have never
been this bad and ludicrous in this country and yet nothing major has
happened. Every time the events of the past few weeks took place, I
expected some kind of huge reaction from the people but did not see
I only heard it in whispers of discontent.
But interestingly, one cab driver agreed with me in that following the
sham of the Eid, no one will ever believe in a single word the leader
has to say. So much so that the following day, when someone asked me
if I knew on what day the clocks were moved back an hour, I replied
that even if I knew, “would you believe me???? How do you know that
tomorrow, somebody will not come out and say that we were all wrong
and that the clocks should not have been turned back!”....

And I added, “What do you expect from a country that elects a fraud
for a president, does countless crimes, kills, murders, and arrests
innocent people every single day and parades prominent figures on TV
and makes a mockery of the system of governance.”

What can we expect of a country whose leaders go to bed at night and
suddenly decide that they want to change the fabric of the capital’s
main streets overnight?

What can you expect when they actually do this, and you are stuck in
traffic for hours and hours and are cursing the idiot who came up with
the brilliant idea of making Vali e Asr Avenue, a main street in the
capital, into a one way street from Niyaayesh junction to Parkway

And you know why???? After much speculation among the people, they
finally realized the reasoning.

In order for the security forces to move their forces more quickly
around the capital in an emergency situation, the ideal place was Vali
e Asr Avenue and they can now deploy their forces much more quickly
along the bus lane to reach the crucial areas of the capital where
crowd control is required.

Prior to this, this Avenue was witness to countless demonstrations and
clashes and security forces being unable to deal with the crowds. With
the new system of traffic control, one side of this avenue is open to
cars form Niyaayesh to Parkway junction and the other side is only for
buses and of course, the security forces.

To use the words of a cab driver who drove me home the other day, he
agreed with the above analysis and said that the people of Iran are
worth nothing. Their opinions do not count, their leaders do whatever
they want and watch the people accept in silence. The people are
taking part in a monumental Board game where they are moved around the
board game by the leaders of the country.

The people do not have a say in what happens. It has already been
decided for them. The Green movement is trying so hard to make a
difference but is it?

I haven’t seen anything of value as yet. All the people of the world
are protesting against the events in Iran, but has anything happened
since the elections? NO. Not a single thing. Not an iota of difference
has been made or felt by the people.
It is as if the entire world has left us to rot in hell. How is it
possible to have so many people on our side and so many countries and
yet, nothing of any substance happens?
Disappointment has engulfed my entire being and I no longer have any
faith left in humanity.
We are going to be left in this filthy quagmire of filth, lies,
deception and power struggle by the Clerics, the security forces, the
president’s men and the opposition. We will continue to have the
Rafsanjani dynasty, the Larijani dynasty, the Khamenei dynasty, the
Ahmadinejad dynasty and what is left of the Khomeini dynasty to fight
it out.

Tehran is now literally under martial law and no one even knows it.
The security forces have more or less full control of the capital and
no one has noticed!...

That is the sad truth. Will this idiotic backward nation ever wake up
and see the truth? Will it ever fight for its rights? How much longer
is it going to put up with these monsters who usurpe the country’s
natural wealth?

Every day, I want to shake every single person that I see and tell
them to snap out of it and do something for God’s Sake.

And you wonder why I have not bothered to write for weeks? What is the
point when all that I see is hypocrisy and lies with too many chiefs
and not enough Indians?
Shall we just leave these filthy greedy bastards to fight it out
between themselves until they tear each other apart from limb to limb,
clerics tearing apart the president, the ministers tearing each other
apart…..why not….

After all, this injustice is taking place all across the world…
Does anyone even care about Iran anymore?

#27-Riots in the streets 

It has been while I wrote, so much has happened since I last time I
wrote to you …

Maybe the most important thing that took place was the yesterday's
demonstration in Tehran which the government planed and then turned
against itself..

Quads day or the Jerusalem day is the day that late Khomeini Called
for commemorating Palestine plight for freedom.

Every year the Islamic government rallied thousands of people to take
part on this day so they show their solidarity with Palestinian and
their cause.

However since few years ago it has become obvious that Islamic
republic absolutely has no regard to human rights even in its own
country, more less the Palestine's rights.

So this day became another official day and a photo opts for Islamic
republic leader to show that they are out there for justice.

As we you already know that after the rigged Ahmadinejad's election in
June all protest was banned.

Hundreds may be thousands were arrested in post election protest.

At least 75 people announced dead and there are reports of illegal
detention centers and torture of detainees.

The regime heavily clamped down on opposition and even arrested some
prominent political figures in Tehran and other cities.

It seemed that after regime retaliation the opposition may eventually
die off or goes to silence, but the yesterday protest showed that the
opposition is still strong and that any event can turn into a social
disobedience and rally against the government.

Yesterday demonstration in Tehran was held amid a huge warning by
revolutionary guards and accusation by right wing media that these
anti government protests were planed by Israel and USA.

I think that yesterday's protest was a first sign of victory for the
green movement in Iran.

But still I can not be so optimist about the events in Iran as the
arrests still continue and I believe that this regime is not going
down without huge fight, because they have big interest to protect and
basically have nowhere to go.

Never corner a frighten rat.

#26=9/11 & Iran!? 

hello friends

i just got the information that the Iranian evolutionary guard also
known as sepah ,and the group responsible for the coude etae in Iran
also has been behind sepetermer 11 attack in NYC.

this information will be public in next few weeks in US and Europe.

the military group , sepah, currently is trying to take over all
aspects of economical sphere in Iran.they own a bout 70 percent of the
all national investment in Iran and they have a huge grip on all the
oil export revenues.

Also it seems that regime in Iran is trying to suppress all the
opposition group, in latest move by the coudetat regime the office
responsible to investigate the prisoners who were illegally tortured
were closed today and few of the people in that office were also

Most political annalist in Tehran believe that the government is
trying to clamp down on all the opposition leaders before the
universities open in fall as they except large protest from students.

i believe something drastic is taking place in next few weeks in it Tehran

lets hope that would be for better



Phenomenon called Ahmadinejad

So as you already know in Iran Mr. Ahmadinejad rigged an election,
made a coup d'etat, suppressed all protesters, called himself a
president and named his cabinet this week, all in less than 2 months.

For those who watched all these events taking place from the outside,
it must have been an inserting thing, there is a bearded firebrand
Muslim who stands in front the whole world and calls for justice,
condemns Israel for its atrocities in Palestine, promises of the
coming messiah to get us out of this mess in which he himself is the
one who created it.

So what is the Phenomenon called Ahmadinejad?

For those on the left, especially in the west and some in the Muslim
world who are sick of globalization and who were looking for a hero
who may have enough balls to stand against it, Ahmadinejad represents
just that.

Here is a short man standing in front of the whole world telling
western powers to go fuck themselves, tells Israel that they can get
wiped off the face of the earth and he is out there to represent the
underdog on this side of the globe.

Well, I need to say that if you are one of those people, you are dead
wrong because this guy does not represent the poor as it may seem
because most of his backers are either really rich through
governmental contracts or are those who wish to get rich in the next
few years by kissing this man’s ass and get some more government

As for the case of Israel, I really don't think this guy gives a shit
for anybody's well being, especially the Palestinians, the only thing
is that having a common enemy will unite the people.

I think we all have seen this in the US by having the war on drugs or
terror and we saw how everybody really got emotional when we had a
real enemy called Bin Laden..

Then there are those on the right side of things like neo cons who
could not find anybody better than this guy to launch their new
expanded wars in the region.

Here is the final prophecy, an anti Christ coming out of the ancient
land of Persia to take over the Jerusalem, and destroy the whole
world so the other messiah may come or rise from the Promised Land.

My response to those on this of the coin is that you should just look
at what these grand ideas have done to the world in the past eight

Also, no occupying power can stay in any place in these modern times
so stop your warmongering ideas and actually look for political
solutions that can actually work.

The third group is those who do not even know the difference between
Iran and Iraq, so it makes no difference if there is a Bin Laden,
Ahmadinejad or another person whose name is hard to pronounce and may
have a beard.

In that case, the issue of the whole of the Middle East is nothing to
be worried about; the only thing is that if one does not pay attention
to these things, it could turn out much worse such as a prolonged war
in Iraq ,or Afghanistan.

And yet one should remember that this Phenomenon called Ahmadinejad is
direct result of western meddling in the natural process of a nation
becoming democratic.

The 1953 US coup d'etat in Iran toppled a democratic government and
replaced it with a tyrannical monarchy, Maybe if Brits and American
were aware of what their government doing in other countries may be
they could have stopped them thought their democratic institutions.

Ahmadinejad is the result of western ignorance.

And yet there is another group of people who may interpret this
Phenomenon called Ahmadinejad and that is the majority of Iranian
adults who have to put up with his stupid shameful remarks in the next
four years.

This group comprise of about 33 million Iranians who got ripped off in
their voting.

These are the people who protested and made a revolution because they
wanted to rid themselves from the western colonial powers and now they
are faced with neo colonial powers of China and Russia, through their

These are the people who wanted to make a democratic society and now
have to deal with a theocratic dictatorship in full force.
So these who are the Iranian people who are paying the most for this
Phenomenon called Ahmadinejad

#24-Innocent Bystander- Part 17 

Innocent Bystander- Part 17

Thursday August 27, 2009

Have you ever tried to be pragmatic regardless of the circumstances
but every day that you make an effort to do this, something happens
that turns your world upside down and leaves you with the questions…
“What just happened?”…”It did happen, right?”…”I did not imagine it,
did I?”…”I mean I really did see it and hear it, right?” …

And when the unfortunate reply is YES to all of the above, you may
just, for a brief period in time, just, just be unable to function and
experience a complete systems shutdown.

I have been experiencing this phenomenon from around the time of the
incidents that took place before June 12, 2009 and the events that
have followed this dreadful day in history.

I cannot help but look back every now and again and go over what
happened in order to ensure that this was not just some cruel joke.

Did I really see the exciting campaigns of the presidential
candidates, each promising a better Iran? Did I really see the
thousands of people who were out on the streets every day in support
of their candidate? Did I really see, for the first time that the
people of my country really care about who ran their country?

Did I not feel the tense atmosphere of the week leading up to the
elections and the masses of people out and about who really wanted
something new?

And what about the Television debates by the candidates? Did I imagine
that too? I could have sworn that as I entered my department at work,
everyone was glued to the huge TV screen, listening to every single
word the candidates were uttering and either clapping in support or
laughing at the sheer stupidity of the replies.

I know that I avoided watching any of the debates from the week
leading up to the elections. In spite of the atmosphere of camaraderie
that was prevalent in the country and the people believing that this
time; the right person would be chosen for the top job, deep down,
something just did not feel right.

And in utter disbelief, I watched the results of the elections coming
in. Well, not total disbelief, but even though I had the feeling that
the candidate was chosen way before the elections, a tiny part of me
was still hoping that I was wrong.

I expected a huge outcry from the people and even a re-election but I
guess I was being too optimistic. I could not imagine in any way that
the people of Iran would just accept the outcome and take it quietly.

Given the mass rallies and the supporters of each candidate, it was
just unimaginable that the people would accept the fraudulent

Although the post election riots and protests continued for many weeks

and the clashes killed many people, it was not even close to what I
expected from my people.

I expected a continued series of protests and clashes which would last
for many months which would eventually force the government to give in
and hold another election.

Was I being too naïve?

The events that followed the elections and continue to this day are
not in any way what I had in mind and perhaps that is the reason
behind the utter confusion I am suffering from.

Just as I begin to grasp the reasons behind one incident, something
else happens that makes me wonder just what on earth is happening to
my country. It is as if a thousand and one things are taking place
simultaneously with me standing in the middle and trying to find some
sort of pattern or explanation to justify what is happening.

I do not even know where to start. Should I first deal with the
accusations hurled at the presidential candidates or the President
himself? How about the way the security forces and riot police dealt
with the peaceful protesters? What about all who died during the
protests? Where they all spies and agitators as the government claims?

How can I possibly organize my thoughts and deal with each issue one
at a time when my brain has been overloaded with lies and more lies
and more lies so much so that you cannot see the wood for the trees.

Just when I see a glimmer of hope, it is gone within seconds. I do not
even know how to describe what is happening apart from saying that one
incident takes place and before you can grasp the enormity of the
event, it is surpassed by something even worse which takes you into a
dark and deep abyss which you cannot escape from.

I try to be objective as a news person but it is impossible because I
have never in my entire life been faced with so many events taking
place one after the other at such a pace that I just cannot catch up

The puzzle is just enormous.

And that is exactly what the government wants. It wants a million
other people to end up like me, confused to the point of madness that
you do not even know what to complain about anymore. Weren’t we
complaining about mass fraud during the elections? Wasn’t that what we
were angry about?

So what the hell happened?

The protests and the number of students that were killed took over the
news bulletins. Then we were entertained with how corrupt all the
candidates and the opposition were. Then everybody was branded with
something or other from being a British spy to planning a coup, you
name it, they came up with it.

There was a massive propaganda campaign to take the attention and
focus away from the rigged elections and occupy the people’s minds
with something else so that the President would be approved by the
Leader of the Islamic Revolution and be endorsed and begin his second
term. Before you knew it, he was choosing the members for his new
cabinet while we were being shown trial after trial of the hundreds of
people who had been detained and were now being paraded in front of
the cameras making false confessions which was so obviously a show
trial that it made me question the sheer audacity of this man called

What lengths would he go to in order to ensure his Presidency would
last? His choice of ministers was an indication of what was to come. A
military government which would crush the people into silence.

The President chose candidates who would follow his orders down to the
last letter. He is no longer the man he was four years ago. He is now
hungry for more power and control and will do anything to get what he
wants. He has not respected the laws of an Islamic Republic and
continues to ignore the calls by prominent clerics who accuse him of
destroying what the Islamic Republic was all about.

As if having a theocrat run the country was not enough, there is mass
confusion among the ranks.

The infighting has reached a level that it seems as if all the
different groups that were running the country are fighting within
themselves from the clergy to the leader to the president etc…

Each time I read the latest developments, I am bound to come across
accusations being hurled at Rafsanjani, his family members, the
Leader’s son, a number of leading clerics, calls for the leader to be
removed, calls for the opposition to be tried and imprisoned and more
horrendous stories emerging about the mistreatment of prisoners at
Evin prison and the notorious Kahrizak facility which has now been

I sit back and wonder what has happened to the powers who were running
the country, including the Leader. This is the first time that I hear
calls for him to be removed by prominent clerics and this astounds me.
It astounds me because he always had the last word, the ultimate power
and now, his authority is being openly challenged which is quite

Sometimes I feel as if everybody just woke up one day and decided,
let’s accuse everybody of everything and see how far we get. It sounds
ridiculous but I am increasingly getting that impression. Not a day
goes by without having someone in authority demoted due to some
scandalous incident.

Iran has turned into a country being run by a bunch of spoilt
kindergarten children nagging at each other.

And then you reach a stage that no matter where you look, the entire
establishment denies the use of torture despite all the evidence and
then out of the blue, the leader decides that torture did take place
and those responsible will be dealt with appropriately.

Huh??? What happened? Did he just wake up this week and decide to
believe what the entire country has been telling him for two months?

In my eyes, he has turned into a ridiculous creature who is clinging
to his power with tooth and nail yet at the same time denying what is
happening under his own nose.

Or was he cornered into it? As it happens, despite everyone denying
the practice of torture, the fact finding commission or truth finding
commission that was set up to investigate the claims has verified the
truth and has evidence to prove it.

So please, someone, anyone, would you please tell me what on earth was
the point of all the trials and all the lies that we heard? They
insult our intelligence by forcing the detainees to say that they
found Evin prison very comfortable and friendly and they even went so
far as to force a few to say that they did not want to go home as Evin
was a really nice place with good food and company!...

They tried to justify the arrest of one man by referring to the amount
of weight that he had lost during his stay in prison. However if you
had seen this man during his confession, you would have seen a broken
creature who could not even speak properly by constantly repeating

Even his own family insisted that he was not the man who had gone into
prison weeks ago. The daughter even confirmed that her father was on
some kind of medication to dull his senses and that he had told them
that he was forced into giving a false confession.

So once again, somebody, anybody, please tell me why you would parade
these detainees in front of their fellow countrymen and deny the
practice of torture and abuse week after week and then have the leader
of the country admit that indeed, prisoners were tortured and the
culprits will be dealt with?!!!.... And you really expect us, the
Iranian people to take our leaders seriously???

Oh please. Give me a break.

I am so utterly sick to my stomach of the events of the past two
months and the audacity of these people. Yes we all know that all
politicians lie and that is normal, but this is beyond ridiculous.

You go to bed one night and wake up the next day and see posters
everywhere informing you that for no reason whatsoever, one of the
busiest streets in the capital is going to become a one way street
from the middle!.... Huh???

And as always, the authorities cannot manage to make it into a one way
street on time and yet another week goes by with everyone wondering
how will I get to my destination today.

And indeed, Vali e Asr Avenue became a one way avenue from Shahid
Behesti Square to the Parkway junction with a delay of one week!...

The reasons behind this idea have yet to come to light but the
majority of people who travel this route have observed that the area
immediately surrounding IRIB which is quite a vast complex and covers
an enormous area is now conveniently isolated and needs less security.

During the weeks before and after the elections, Vali e Asr Avenue was
a usual destination to hold protests and bring traffic to a halt and
cause chaos. I remember the number of security personnel and riot
police and Baseej groups who patrolled the Avenue.

What I have noticed since they made it into a one way Avenue is that
you do not need so many security people and can deploy the forces in
other trouble spots.

If you ask a few people who live in that area or who use that route,
you may also hear the same reasoning. A large group of people believe
that this was done for security reasons.

So when one of the longest main Avenues of Tehran which basically runs
down the middle of the capital becomes closed to main traffic for
unknown reasons after all these years, who am I to question all that
has been taking place in Iran since before the June 12 elections?!...

I am even beginning to wonder on how I started writing this diary of
sorts when I seem to have been more aware of the goings on of my
country before June 12!...

Since the elections, I have become more confused as the weeks have gone by

with more questions on my mind since all that I see around me is utter
confusion and lack of order.

I see my colleagues transformed into a bunch of walking zombies with
faces lacking any sign of emotion.

I see people being more cautious in expressing their opinions given
the current situation in the country each suspecting the other of
being an informant for the intelligence ministry.

I see heavy police presence in areas that do not require it and wonder
why there are so many police, Baseejee, Sepah, and all the other names
they have been given. Is it for our protection or are they scared of
their own shadows.

And then, every now and then, you hear some scandalous tidbit about
one of the clergy or one of the ministers and that will occupy the
people for another few days.

And in the middle of all this ridiculous chaos, there are family feuds
taking place among the clergy and the people in power which come to
think of it, are a mixture of both. They have intermarried so much the
since the revolution that they are all related to each other and have
their own dynasty!...

At least that is one way to ensure that the power and the wealth
remain in the same group.

However, I must not forget to mention that I have not as yet figured
out just where Rafsanjani stands in the middle of all this. I also
wonder why I have not heard much regarding Mousavi, Karroubi and

I have read that there have been numerous meetings held between all of
the above and many influential clerics of the country with the
occasional statement made by one or the other issuing a warning to the
Leader or the President.

How powerful these warnings will be remains to be seen. Politics is a
dirty business and a dirty game and mix in a bit of religion with it,
and you will get a pretty disgusting tasting dish called Iran!...

An Iran, which has been pulled apart from all sides and directions
throughout its history and is being crushed even more.

Will the president succeed in establishing the cabinet of his choice
and perhaps turn the country into a much more sophisticated military
machine or will the clerics play a more prominent role?

Who will pay for the blood of the innocent people who have died
throughout these weeks and buried without proper ceremonies in
unmarked or even mass graves?

Who will put an end to the arrest of innocent individuals who end up
in prison without their family’s knowledge?

So many questions and no one to provide an answer!...

Even if any kind of arrangement is reached between the president and
his opponents, how many more have to die in horrendous circumstances
before everyone is satisfied?

There are times that I truly abhor politics and this is one of those
times especially because I cannot see the light at the end of the
never-ending tunnel.

@23-part 15 of our web-log on daily life in Tehran 


here is part 15 of our web-log on daily life in Tehran

hope that this information can shed a little light on the gloomy
subject of Iran

Innocent Bystander: Part 15

Thursday, August 13, 2009

As I sit here contemplating what to write, my mind is going through a
whirlwind of emotions. Turmoil and confusion get top marks.

Firstly, I wanted to talk about a friend and her experiences of the
past few weeks and how much an event such as an election can affect a
person. This friend has also been in the news business for a number of
years and this year, during the weeks before the election, she became
a different person. It was as if she had come into her own. She was so
excited about the campaigns and the debates and the whole process
thing that she was considering changing her Masters major from
Linguistics to Political Science which I strongly advised.

However, on the morning after the elections, she was a shattered soul,
a bird without her wings, all colour had gone from her youthful face
and she was in deep shock.

This trend continued on for weeks and she even came to the point of
leaving the news business but I kept on encouraging her to stay until
the other day that somehow, through the passage of time, and perhaps a
tiny part of my talks with her, she once again mentioned changing her
major and once more I encouraged her.

I did not want someone as young as her and as impressionable as her to
give up on her dreams. She is the future of this country and she will
grow to have some influence later on in her life. We have to nurture
this group and encourage them to voice their feelings and make
changes. These are the Kennedy’s of the future, or the Martin Luther
King’s of the future. These individuals HAVE A DREAM.

So at least her change of heart despite her difficulty in grasping the
duality of what we do with the news made me feel slightly better. At
least one individual had not given up totally.

At the same time, I also know of another person who has been quite
active in taking part in the protests along with her friends and
husband but for some strange reason, I do not see her as being a
person who can make a difference.

It is nothing personal but the lengths that she goes to in order to
wear a disguise and considering that she is also in the news business
are stupidly dangerous. I actually told her that everyone who has
taken part in the protests has been photographed and they will soon be
identified no matter how much of a good disguise they wore.

She defended her actions and I kept on telling her the dangerous game
that she was playing especially given the fact that she had a child.

She refused to take my advice and said that she would continue going
despite everything and I told her that she was willing to lose
everything that she had, her family, her husband, her child etc., and
she looked at me blankly and just shrugged her shoulders.

She is not a revolutionary type nor is she an activist and for some
strange reason, I believe that she only attends the gatherings in
order to say that she was there in person. Now, if I were in her
shoes, considering how many protests she has taken part in, then I
would go one step further and speak to the countless satellite or
Foreign news channels that are dying for an eye witness account from
Iran, especially from those who were in the protests.

I even suggested this to her as I was approached myself to give an
eyewitness account of the events as they were unfolding but since
there was no guarantee regarding my anonymity I declined. Unless they
changed the tone of my voice altogether, it would have been too
dangerous for me.

When I suggested this to her and whether she was willing to discuss
what she had witnessed, she declined!... Who am I to question her
motives but if you have gone so far and taken so many risks, why don’t
you share it?

Now, this week has been rather a strange one to say the least. No
matter how hard I have tried to deal with all the issues that are
taking place, I cannot fathom any of it.

Show trials, prisoner abuse, a new cabinet, change in the government
structure, tit for tats, questioning the validity of Ministers
University degrees, protests, more arrests, forced confessions and
outright lies broadcast by the state television.

Abuse continues to be hurled at the opposition figures, Mousavi and
Karroubi regardless of what they are trying to do. Rafsanjani pulled
out of this weeks Friday Prayers for security reasons and in order to
avoid a repetition of what happened two weeks ago.

When I gather my thoughts, I realize that I did not choose anyone to
run my country and none of the choices were in any way to my liking.
It had become a matter of choosing who would be the worst and going
for the other candidate.

On June 12, the initial reactions to the results were utter disbelief
which led to the conclusion of an electoral fraud having taken place,
very simple and straightforward. That is how the entire mess began.

This led to mass protests nationwide but the President and the Leader
did not budge an inch. Protests and mass arrests continued but still,
neither man budged. Clerics spoke out against the elections, high
ranking government figures, you name it, they voiced their opposition
but to no avail.

Hundreds died, but Ahmadinejad remained steadfast.

Character assassinations began and continue while hundreds of
government figures continue to be arrested not to mention all the
innocent people, journalists, students, men, women, boys and girls and
now embassy staff.

I cannot help myself but this scenario that is being played out just
seems too perfect, too well managed as if the man was ready for
anything that might follow the vote rigging from months in advance.

It is rather frightening come to think of it and makes one feel defeated.

As I read all the news this week, nothing shocked me at first since it
was all about what was happening in prisons all across the world and
we had been reporting about them for such a long time, Gitmo, Abu
Ghraib, secret detention centres, rendition flights etc...

A relatively new colleague was shocked when she had read about the
rape of a young woman which had led to her death. I did not react the
way that she expected as I had heard and read about such cases for so
many years but they were taking place in other countries.

Now why would you think or even assume that your own country would be
excluded from such heinous acts of inhumanity?

I sited several reports that I had read in detail and explained to her
the reasons that could have led to death of the prisoner and she
looked at me as if she did not know me. I told her that once you read
and cover enough of these stories, you get used to it, unfortunately.
It is the sad truth of working in the news business. You cannot get
involved emotionally; you have to remain objective which may well turn
you into a callous heartless individual at times.

It seems that every week since the end of the elections, we are dealt
a new card. Something out of the ordinary to deal with which keeps the
public preoccupied and you tend to forget what it was that you were
protesting against to begin with.

At the moment, several issues are taking place simultaneously. There
is the President’s future cabinet and the threats that the chosen
candidates must be qualified. This in itself will take a while as we
read on and on about who is accusing whom of lying and cheating about
their university degree.

It has already begun with Ali Larijani being accused of lying about
his own credentials.

Then we are facing the frightening fact that the President has taken
over the running of the intelligence ministry and firing and hiring at
will and getting rid of top secret documents pertaining to the
corruption in his own administration.

He is leaving no stones unturned. All evidence that point to him must
be removed.

As a consequence of that, you have witnessed further arrests and demotions.

We are still dealing with the protesters and the green movement and
their cause which seems to have dimmed a little but the movement

As State Television continues its outrageous lies, satellite dishes
deliver the truth to a large number of people.

As I was sifting through all these and many more issues, one thing stuck out.

I realized that the main issue of concern at the moment was no longer
the rightful President, or who is qualified for the job. The real
issue of concern was the Abuse of Human Rights.

As my friend and I have been sharing our personal experiences with
you, we have not failed in mentioning the countless number of victims
of mass detentions.

Therefore, for me, the issue is no longer one of the velvet revolution
or the green movement. What I want for my country of birth is someone
who can run it without any preplanned agendas.. An individual who
wants the best for the people of Iran, its vast resources, its sheer
wealth and to use all that to build the country into what it used to
be, or better still, to make it into a better country than it used to

But before that can be achieved, the human rights issue must be dealt
with once and for all. It is disgraceful that the government is
getting away with the atrocities.

We have varying number of detainees depending on the source which
ranges from hundreds to 4,000!...

The disgraceful case of the Kahrizak detention centre fiasco came to
light recently but despite mass protests and outcries, it was managed
perfectly by the government and the media.

So much so that following a letter written by Karroubi to Rafsanjani
to look into the matter, the result was days of outrage and denials
and what was the outcome? Following investigations by a special
committee, and following many interviews with the detainees of the
Kahrizak detention facility, the prisoners response was that they were
NOT treated that badly after all.

Following the reports of rape and abuse, the conclusion reached was
the same as the above.

I am disillusioned with the whole process of governance. This is a
dictatorship and not an Islamic Republic.

It is a government that has been corrupt for perhaps the entire
revolution which would mean 30 years!... They have not behaved any
differently than the Pahlavi regime, it just became an Islamic
Republic in name but in reality, the same corruption and torture that
allegedly took place during the Pahlavi regime continued but this
time, in the name of Islam.

Is that what Khomenei had aimed for? It is noteworthy that no family
member of the Khomenei household took part in any government events
following the elections. None were present at the inauguration
ceremony or when the President accepted his nomination and none were
present during the parliament session.

The family of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran was not
present at any of Ahmadinejad’s events.

What does that relay to you? How significant can this be? I for one
will not speculate.

But what has been interesting for me in this quagmire, has been the
number of high ranking clerics who have opposed the Leaders stance and
Ahmadinejad’s stance regarding the elections and the mass arrests and
the tortures as well as the damage that is being to the system of
Islamic governance.

Who is going to defend our human rights? Is there a voice left or have
they all been imprisoned or silenced?

Majid Ansari, a member of Majma'e Rowhaniyoun-e Mobarez (the Combatant
Clergy Association) for his part has defended the issue of prisoners
being raped while in detention.

This is while on Journalist Day, parliamentary reporters and political
correspondents meeting with a high-ranking member of truth-finding
committee for the post-election unrest, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, requested
a meeting with Hajjarian.

Do you remember him? Saeed Hajjarian, seriously handicapped after a
2000 assassination attempt, was arrested three days after Iran's June
12 election. He is one of several jailed Reformists accused of
orchestrating the post-election violence in Iran.

Former deputy interior minister Mostafa Tajzadeh, was arrested on June 13.

And the list goes on.....

Now, my fellow writer would enlighten you further....



Here is more news from Tehran Thursday August 7th

Yesterday I wrote about the secret prison camps around Tehran ran by paramilitary groups that make their own laws..

So far there are reports of about 365 deaths at theses detention centers. Most detainees were arrested during protests and grabbed by plain clothes bassijiess, most who died in these centers were heavily tortured.

In other news, Today in Tehran, most of the bazaar was closed in solidarity with the opposition.

Tehran bazaar plays a very important role in the economic structure in Iran; the bazzaries are mainly rich merchants with strong ties to the government and religious figures.

Back in 1979 the bazaar played the most important role in the revolution. When the merchants closed the bazaar the whole economic system stopped functioning leading to the fall of the shah’s regime.

Also today sporadic fighting continued in Tehran with police shooting at protesters in different areas of town.

Innocent Bystander- Part 14

I anxiously await the Friday prayers for August 7 as it coincides with the birth anniversary of the 12th Shia Imam who is very revered by Iranians.

The protests on Thursday continued sporadically but tomorrow they may use the birth anniversary celebrations as an excuse to spread the Green Movement in full force. After all, if we are celebrating a religious ceremony, a protest can be squeezed in and no one would be the wiser.

Would the security forces dare to attack a crowd of jubilant worshippers who are trying to kill two birds with one stone?... Well, so far, the crackdown has been outrageously severe but as for tomorrow, I would not undermine the rage of these forces.

First of all, we have to see what the Friday prayers is all about and what kind of feeling it arouses among the people. I wonder if the cleric they have chosen will be careful with his words.

The people are beyond enraged but have managed to keep calm despite everything that has been thrown at them, literally.

My friend with whom I am collaborating to write these "A day in the life of an ordinary Iranian" always tells me to speak and write from the heart and that is what I aim for.

My people have come up with all sorts of ideas to spread the word and the colour green across Tehran. Even carrying a simple felt tip pen is enough to write something on the wall of a street or a street sign or just a V for victory.

Just imagine the entire capital being covered with green and how infuriating that would be for the authorities. I have opted to do this at night time and even post green sticky posts whenever I can.

I’m afraid that the atmosphere at work is still extremely heavy and oppressive and madly depressing. Interestingly, I, who usually dress in blacks and dark colours have opted for bright shawls this week and I do literally mean BRIGHT. I just wasn’t brave enough to wear my green shawl as I really did not think they would let me in the building but you never know, I might try it know when you reach the point of no return...well, that is where I am.

I have already been pointed out and marked so to speak so why not dress in Green tomorrow???

If I am brave enough.I do tend to be impulsive at times and I may just try it.

One can only just take so much oppression and rules and I am lucky that my parents are not here which means that in the event that I get taken away, the immediate relatives who would be concerned would only be my sister and niece, indeed, if they are contacted at all!...

Don’t forget what I wrote weeks ago...none of us know if we will be back at work the next day due to the nature of our job and our backgrounds of having been brought up abroad most of our lives.

As world leaders and analysts sit for hours discussing Iran and what is happening inside the country, more innocent people are being killed. Quite a few were hung today and many more were arrested as usual.

Once again, I have not ventured out apart from going to work since I keep getting caught up in the crowd of protesters that just show up out of nowhere all over Vali e Asr when I go shopping.

The prospect of being shoved into shops again to avoid the riot police did not appeal to me but I do have to go out tomorrow so wish me luck as I know it is going to be an extremely crowded day.

One thing that escaped me last night was that during Wednesday’s protests, many shops were closed and since the crowd got close to the heart of the city, the Bazaar, parts of the bazaar were apparently closed as well, but I cannot verify it.

My partner in reporting the events to you will shed light on that later on.

What is worth remembering is that Tehran’s Bazaar is a MAJOR element and KEY PLAYER in the country and the decisions that are made ... there is a lot of capital at stake and the protesters were very bold in even thinking about going near it.

And of course keep in mind the power struggle that I mentioned to you yesterday ... there are just too many players involved but I assure you that the trials and the confessions are all but a show for the media and the nation.

Former Prime Minister Bazargan said something before he resigned during the early days of the revolution. He told the people that if one day, you find me standing in a court of law and making a confession, then know for certain that that person is not me!...

This was like a slap in the face for me as I read Mohammad Ali Abtahi’s confession and watched him and then listened to his daughter on BBC Persia saying that her father was not the man she knew 40 days ago and that he was not coherent.

Something else that jolted me and made me laugh at the same time, although in no way was it funny, was that the detainees had claimed how nicely they were treated at Evin prison. Even Abtahi had said that they had offered to take him to a hospital outside the prison for recuperation but he had decided that he preferred to stay where he was since he was treated so well!...

Evin Hotel ... here we come ... free accommodation followed by free food and clothing and just the tinsy bitsy bit of interrogation that would be ever so nice and friendly and the occasional drugs to make you drowsy or make you speak!...

Who can possibly resist that??? Just reading these lines gives me the shivers as I think of the thousands who have been taken away over the last 50 days.

May God help them.

#21-Tehran's Guantánamo Bay 

After one the Rezaei's advisor son got killed in a secret detention center, the Majlis and the leader finally dedicated to look into these centers positioned allover the country.
Who runs these prison camps and how they run are all question that no officials have been able to answer yet.
Last week the commission ordered by Majlis was to look into the matter, Today the commission gave up the research after the Iran police denied having anything to do with them.
It happened that I met two university students who were arrested last month in protest and were transferred to one
These prison camp in south Tehran called kahrizak.
Their tale of arrest and torture were beyond anything I have ever heard. I have done an interviews with them that I will send to you as soon I finish them.

It seems that there is a shadow paramilitary group that runs these prison camps; the group also is in charge of putting the protest down.
What organization in government is behind this is still unknown, but I can guess that interior ministry
Could be playing a major role in all these
I will write more detail later.



Today in Tehran we witnessed the most comical show on our TV.

The coup DE ta regime has forced the dissents whom were arrested in post election unrest to confess that they were collaborating with western powers to create a velvet revolution.

It was a mere comical show with bad directorship for already converted to regime's lies. The confession's show was somehow made like national inquiry.

At one point I excepted the dissidents to say that the aliens were behind the post election unrest and that they are really sorry for collaborating with Marian government to take over the holy Islamic government in Iran.

I do not know who was he wise director for these shows was but as I understand it even the ordinary people now are pissed off.

There is history of this kinds of confession shows on Iranian TV, back in 1978, the deposed shah of Iran also made some theses entreating programs.

He brought some radicals from prison and had them to say that how sorry they were for expressing their opinions, and that the shah was the most gracious person on the face of the earth.

We now know what happened to shah in 1979 and the rest is history.


i have been so overwhelm by recent events in Iran that i could not write much, however after yesterday protest i am back online writing again

Iran at a crossroad again

So after leaving Iran for almost 30 years I have returned to witness the country at another crossroad.

Although there are parallels between the uprising today and the 1979 revolution, there are huge differences as well that makes Iran to be at yet another crossroad.

If back in the 1980's we had illusions about the content of a religious government, we no longer bear those illusions.

As young revolutionists we thought that we could make a unique governing system that was mixed with spirituality led by the then charismatic leader, Khomeini. However, we soon found out that there were only a few limited ways in which a government can govern its people and the mixture of religion and government is a recipe for disaster.

Back then, Russia was a threat to the western world, so the Islamic ideology could have been manipulated as an ideological barrier between the west and Russia; the reds are no longer here therefore there is no need to support the types of Taliban by western powers.

Back then in 1979, the (Islamic) Iran revolution started with violence and vengeance, our heroes were gunmen who took up arms against an oppressive regime. This time our heroes are non violent silent protesters who cast their ballot legally to reform a system that no longer functions.

Again in 1979, mass media were only flyers and tapes, whereas in today’s media, we are aware of what is happening within minutes, that makes all the difference and also we no longer are mystified about the content of any messages, now if we do not know it we just Google it….

So where are we? Let me say that if the people of Iran cease resisting, times will become even harder for them; because the current regime consists of military people whose only way of governing is by batons and guns and if they continue, their uprising will be transformed into a full-fledged revolution.

A full-fledged revolution would make the establishment of democracy a real possibility.
And all indications point to the determination of the Iranian people to see this uprising through.

innocent bystanders

Part 12

Thursday July 30, 2009

It has been a few days since I last wrote down my thoughts but as the week approached Thursday, my mind was filling up with all kinds of thoughts as Thursday was an important day. It was the 40th day since the passing of NEDA, the woman who has become a symbol of justice and freedom across the world.

In Iran, the mourning ceremonies for the dead take quite a while starting with the 1st, the 3rd, the 7th and then the 40th day after the person’s death and then again after one year.

Huge crowds were expected to attend the ceremony at Beheshteh Zahra Cemetery in down town Tehran, followed by another ceremony at Mossallah but something told me that there was going to be a lot of trouble.

Moussavi and Karroubi were also scheduled to attend.

I once again, had contemplated having a look around the streets but had been taken ill two days before so was lying in bed watching all the news channels but as soon as I heard the sound of helicopters flying overhead, I began channel hopping again to see which channel had the best coverage.

I knew it was too good to be true and that the authorities would not allow such a huge crowd to mourn Neda’s death once again and that is precisely what happened. The crackdown on the crowds began as soon as they arrived. The riot police and security forces outnumbered the crowds.

Mousavi arrived but was told to return to his car and leave and Karroubi did not make it very far into the crowds either, and was told to leave as well.

The usual scenario of peaceful mourners followed by wild baton wielding and tear gas firing riot police followed and more people got beaten up and arrested.

There were crowds of people at the next gathering place but they too, were dispersed by force.

I sat back, in a lot of pain and thought to myself, what next and as I was contemplating venturing out to get a much needed medication, something told me not to go outside.

Just before 9 p.m. I heard an ongoing sound of car horns!... I had switched off the TV so had no idea what had followed the protests…. The crowds had continued on to Vanak Square in the middle of Vali e Asr Avenue and riot police had had a field day.

When I heard the cars, the police had moved up towards Mellat Park, and Parkway junction.

I had no choice. I needed my medication and so just grabbed the medicine bottle and my purse and keys and rushed out.

Our street was filled with people and the sound of car horns was deafening. I tried to rush to the chemist and to my surprise; they had locked the main gates to the Sayyeh Tower complex, overlooking Mellat Park for security reasons.

I just stood there, thinking, no way, I need my pills and kept looking inside the complex and spotted the doctor who runs the chemist/pharmacy and begged her to open up and give me my pills. She knows me pretty well and as she knew the condition I was in, she took me in quickly and gave me my prescription and told me to go home asap!.... My heart beat had gone up now and I could hardly catch my breath and so I asked her why had they closed early and she just pointed to the crowd, the cars and the riot police all over the street.

I thought to myself, well girl, you are not feeling that good. Stay outside for a little so that at least if you drop or pass out, someone can help. I know, it sounds like a stupid thought but at the time, it made good sense!...

I thought to myself, this is the second time that I am caught up in an unknown situation but this time round, there were hundreds of cars, thousands of people in the Park, on the pavements, in the shops and even more security police and riot police on foot and on motorbikes.

I could not miss my chance of taking part in whatever it was going to be and my excuse would be a quick shopping spree and I had to just forget about the agonizing pain.

I cannot express how I was feeling. I was scared, in awe at the amount of brave people out on the street, confused at those who were just carrying on as normal, and shocked every time the riot police chased a particular group down one alley or on the pavement and this was followed by loud screams and people just rushing towards me, scared out of their wits and followed by my being pushed into whatever shop was still open!....

Usually, the shops stay open till just after 10 p.m. in this area but when things get rough, they close up quickly and that is what I was witnessing.

I suddenly found myself in a children’s store with a few parents while the owner pulled down the outer gate. A mother wanted to go out to find her child who was still somewhere outside. A man told her not to worry as they would not harm any children to which I replied, “Are you kidding me or what?”… “They do not spare anyone, they do not see anyone, they just go on a rampage and hit and destroy everything with their batons and teargas.”

A few minutes later, not feeling any more secure inside than out, I asked to be let out.

I continued my walk towards Jam e Jam shopping centre and passed the Saffavid Bazaar shopping complex which was also shutting down its outer gates with people rushing in for safety and others running out.

It was getting really confusing. I passed another small shop which had not managed to close down its shutters on time, and the riot police had smashed the windows and the owners were just mystified …. Wondering what had just happened.

This was the first time I was among so many people and I neither felt secure or insecure knowing that the security police usually mix in with the ordinary crowds.

Some were trying to leave the area and taxi’s would not stop for them whereas ordinary brave women in their cars would stop and take fellow females who were running and begging for a ride.

I continued walking and observing and taking pictures discreetly with my mobile phone. Mellat Park was over flooding with security police and crowds of people as well as riot police.

People were curious regarding my taking photos and assumed that I was a reporter and they were telling me, gosh, you have a good story to write tonight don’t you? And continued with asking me if I had been at the Cemetery earlier in the afternoon as well but I did not reply to any of the questions and just kept on walking.

By now, I must have walked about 20 minutes and was reaching the Jam e Jam shopping complex which is in front of IRIB and thought there would be more trouble ahead but luckily, they were just a huge number of people who were just walking or standing in small groups.

I asked the guards if their shops were open as I needed something for the house and surprisingly, he said yes. I went in and did a tiny bit of shopping and just tried to cool down and get myself together before walking the same route back home, not knowing what to expect.

I came out and saw even more people but no obvious signs of riot police. This was a quiet crowd of protesters who were just mourning all those who had died since the day after the elections.

As I walked back home, about forty young boys and girls were marching up towards me on the pavement and chanting slogans of Allaho Akbar, and Margh Bar Diktator, which means, God is Great and Death to the Dictator and waving their arms up and down.

As the people saw this group, they joined in with the chanting as loudly as they could and the cars in the street also joined in as well by chanting and honking their horns once more.

I saw an old lady, leaning against a tree to catch her breath also shouting slogans with her arm up in the air. It was an interesting site, the young, the old; the middle aged, young children were all mixed together.

As the group continued marching, I saw another group lighting candles in the memory of Neda and all those who dad died. There were candles everywhere, on the pavement, on phone booths, if you could find a place to put a candle, you would see one.

I kept my eyes wide open for the security forces and the riot police while at the same time walking close to the corner of the pavement in order to be able to run if they attacked or just sit tight and hold my face in my hands.

The stream of candles every where was a beautiful sight in the middle of the chaos and showed the solidarity of the people but there was also an ugly side to it as well.Many did not want the area covered with candles and got into fights with those who had lit them…They accused the others of inciting tension by the act of lighting a candle and causing the riot police to raid their street or shop!..... The mentality of those people was beyond my comprehension. Since when does a candle cause tension and incite violence?

A young girl was crying because she had been scared by the riot police beating up innocent bystanders and I could hear her father trying to console her as I walked on. He kept telling her that they would not attack her and that they were getting close to their car but she would not listen.

As I approached my street, I could smell tear gas and then saw that people had lit fires in the street by burning garbage to counteract the effect of the tear gas.

My eyes began to hurt and tears ran down my face while I was trying to take pictures of the burning garbage and all the smoke.

I got to the top of my street and just missed the Baseejees beating up more bystanders as eyewitnesses were telling each other so I just took another long look around me for more photo opportunities, tried to find more riot police but they were mixed in with the crowd of security police at the park and I could not take a good photo since I was hiding behind a tree and was telling myself “Why didn’t you bring the camera?”

Yes, I know, in the middle of people standing around out of curiosity and people running for their safety, owners closing up shop and hoping their property would not be attacked, there I was, standing and thinking, I wish I had brought my camera along! … That initial fear that had taken over me had all but disappeared and I had become the journalist/reporter after all.

I finally arrived home, with my eyes bright red and hurting. I sat down and began planning what to take with me the next time, well, as soon as I get better physically, and where to hide, how to plan the route and all sorts of things.

And once again, the GREEN thought preoccupied me for hours as I was planning on purchasing green paint and fabrics and ribbons and balloons and all sorts of other things and thinking how to spread them all across town, where to hang them from, and when to do it in order to make the most impact.

Covering the town with random green balloons, green kites, you name it, I was drawing it and planning it but it has to be a large amount to make any kind of impact… yet another project to work on…

And so the struggle continues, the protests continue, the dissatisfaction continues.

The mockery of a president continues… Honest to God, I am amazed at the sheer audacity of the man. Given all that he has done since the election and continues to do, I cannot believe that the people really truly believe in him. I mean who in their right mind would?

Having read and seen all that he did this week alone, with fraudulent ministers, firing, hiring, poor choices for ministers, the leader having a go at him, he is a laughing stock.

Will someone please stand up and tell him to crawl back inside the hole he came from?

What I am happier about is that the people have not given up even an inch and that Mousavi and Karroubi are still in the picture although I believe that a much more powerful campaign needs to be organized with more sporadic protests taking place simultaneously and constantly. This wave must continue regardless of what happens but someone needs to lead it in the right direction.

Perhaps they are and the purpose is just to create mass confusion for the authorities…. Who knows!